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Ice machines are used in restaurants, motels and juice bars. The water filter needs replacement every six months. These filters remove sediment in the water so that the ice tastes better and doesn’t have an odor.

Water coolers need to have an adequate freon level and a professional needs to fix incorrect levels. Before cleaning the cooler’s coils, you need to disconnect it from its power source. The water cooler should be sanitized every six months to avoid mold and milder plus keep the water clean tasting. These regular maintenance activities plus replacing the battery when needed will keep it functioning properly.

The cooler may need to be reset for it to cool the water properly. Take a glass of water from both the hot and cold spigots. Next, you unplug the cooler. After twenty four hours, you can plug it in again, but it is important to wait an additional five yours before dispensing any water. If the water cooler is rented, the company should replace the entire unit, otherwise you are responsible for the cost of repairing parts or an entirely new cooler.

A swamp cooler contains only two parts: a pump that soaks the pads and a fan that draws the hot dry air through the wet pads cooling it. You cannot use a swamp cooler if the dew point temperature is above 50 degrees since it works best with hot and dry air. The first thing to check is the pump making sure that the black legs or spider is dripping adequate water. If not, the spider is cheap and easy to replace. Swamp coolers work especially well if you put a block of ice in the bottom tray, but you don’t want it to overflow the unit.

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Many appliances contain ventilation.  Ventilation is dependent on ducts that can lose up to 20% of their air flow and become inefficient. Any separation or small cracks in the duct work will cause it to leak air and moisture will corrode the ducts. If the vent pipes become corroded, it can cause the accumulation of mildew and mold. Air vents and air ducts need to be checked regularly to prevent ventilation problems.

You can access a ventilation fan by removing the grill and cleaning any dust with a vacuum and cloth. The model number should be on the unit’s housing so write it down. Next, you disconnect the fan from either its electrical wiring or simply unplug it. You may need to remove screws, pry or squeeze the side of the unit to remove the motor plate. Then, you remove the blower from the motor shaft, and you install the new fan motor putting everything back together before turning on the power.