Home Air Filters

Indoor air pollution is a common problem in even the cleanest Austin homes. Air quality has a direct impact on your health because Dust and other tiny particles can trigger allergies or severe breathing problems. Filters were designed to remove these particles as air circulates through the central cooling system. Some of these filters work better than others. If you install an electrostatic filter, it could help you enjoy cleaner air reduce the amount of time you spend dusting your home.

How Does the Electrostatic Air Filter Work?

An electrostatic filter is made of finely spun fibers, like most other air filters. However, these filters can be cleaned and reused, unlike most paper or fiberglass models. Electrostatic filter are made of two different types of materials that combine to create an electrostatic charge without requiring any connection to electricity. This charge attracts dust particles, which are trapped in the weave.

The Benefits Of These Filters

The electrostatic charge helps these filters remove more particles from the air than most conventional fiberglass filters. Other air conditioning filters can only be used once, then must be thrown away. Electrostatic filters can be cleaned and reused over and over again. This makes them more affordable in the long run than even the cheapest disposable filters.

Caring For Your Electrostatic Filters

As time passes, all air filters become clogged with dust and other air particles. This restricts air flow and causes extra wear on your air conditioner blower. Electrostatic filters should be removed at least once a month and cleaned. This is easily accomplished with a little help from the wand attachment on your vacuum. Every six months you need to rinse your electrostatic filter with cold water in a sink or tub. This removes the finest particles and anything left behind by your monthly vacuuming routine.

Air Filters for Your Austin Home

Texas Air Conditioning Repair Services has many air filters available for your Austin-area home. We will accommodate your family’s needs to provide you with the best home air filter for your home. Call us today at 512-585-5727 for an allergy-free home for your family.